LiveCompare: Project R Version 3.5.x and Script Parameter Error

Two project R issues:

  1. LiveCompare is not compatible with Project R version 3.5.x
  2. Execute R Script action's "Script" parameter error

Project R version 3.5.x is not compatible with an integration library used by LiveCompare. The Execute R Script action will fail with the error:

Error (0) in Execute R. Msg: Failed to create instance of Rlink.CRlink 

Resolve this issue by installing Project R version 3.4.4 (which is compatible) from:

Using the Execute R Script action "Script" parameter fails with the error:

Error in Execute R executeWithTry. Source: RDotNet Description: Error in file(filename, "r", encoding = encoding) : cannot open the connection Error Msg: Unknown error 0x80131500

This bug will be fixed in LiveCompare 3.9. Until then, if you want to use a pre-defined script with Project R, you must prefix the Script string value with "\". Attached is a sample workflow that shows how to do this.