LiveCompare/ALM Version 12.50.1287.0 Integration

LiveCompare’s ALM integration does not work with ALM version 12.50.1287.0. The only resolution is to upgrade to at least version 12.50.1479.0.

LiveCompare uses the Open Test API (OTA) to integrate with ALM. We found that with version 12.50.1287.0, it isn’t possible for LiveCompare’s integration components (QCCONTST.EXE, QCREQ.EXE, …) to exit after disconnecting from the ALM project. While the source of the problem was never officially confirmed, the detailed analysis (see here for full details of the technical analysis we conducted) suggests the underlying issue is deadlock in the OTA implementation in this specific version.

Check the version of ALM by clicking on the Help link in the bottom-left corner of the UI:

ALM displays the version details of various components. Check specifically the version of “OTA Client”:

If the version reads 12.50.1287.0 then the only way to integrate LiveCompare with ALM is to upgrade ALM to at least version 12.50.1479.0.