LiveCompare (R5) Released

We have released an update to LiveCompare 3.8 (version aka LiveCompare 3.8 release 5) that implements new features and bug fixes:

New Features

  • Impact for Custom Release
    • Reports all impacted custom objects
    • Restored use of object link cache for faster performance
  • Extract program for S/4HANA upgrade assessments has "no zip" option
  • Analyze ABAP Quality action performance improvement (benefits Code Watch/Code Guard/Upgrade Assessor)

Bug Fixes

  • Debug log contains cleartext password
  • Syntax error using SNC connections with embedded X.509 certificates
  • Read SAP Table and Join action fails on non-char fields
  • Large Change Impact Analysis template matches Impact app, not Impact for Custom Release
  • Unknown termination status in app results


Download LiveCompare 3.8 release 5 using the same links that were sent in your original upgrade or shipping notice. If you don't have a copy of that email, contact us via our helpdesk.

This build is recommended for all LiveCompare 3.8 users and those upgrading from an earlier version.