LiveCompare (R3) Released

We have released an update to LiveCompare 3.8 (version that fixes a couple bugs:

  • LUX upload/processing can fail
  • User preference for “Include Enhancements”

In addition we have included two “Impact” apps:

  1. Impact for Custom Release. This app should be used only with custom transports exclusively. This flavour of impact includes the new data impact analysis identifying test data scenarios for most-at-risk objects to test.
  2. This app should be used with SAP upgrades such as support packs/stacks and enhancement packs. Given the very large number of “data” changes, this app does not perform data impact analysis.

Download LiveCompare 3.8 GA release 3 using the same download links that were sent in your original upgrade or shipping notice. If you don’t have a copy of that email, contact us via our helpdesk.

This build is recommended for all LiveCompare 3.8 users and those upgrading from an earlier version.