LiveCompare 2.6 Build 384 GA Refresh

Build 384 is a refresh of the LiveCompare 2.6 GA release. This build is recommended for all LiveCompare users. The build includes several bug fixes and enhancements as described below:



iShare Refresh Causes Service Crash

The crash occurs under the following conditions: the LiveCompare service is restarted, no user logon; the scheduled iShare refresh runs.

Web Services ‘UNEXPECTED_TOKEN’ Exception

The web services/LiveCompare server connection data is incorrectly shared across the http handlers resulting in the “UNEXPECTED_TOKEN” exception.

LDAP Import Skip Blank Usernames

Importing LDAP accounts where the username field is blank causes the following error message:


User::dataFromXml. UserName empty in request and this error code -200.

Workflow Templates With Old LINE_BEGIN_CAP/LINE_END_CAP

The LiveCompare WFR crashes because of a bad LINE_BEGIN_CAP property value.  This is caused by when loading workflow templates tagged as LiveCompare 2.5.2 format.  The format tag is in the XML data of the workflow.

Read HTML Table May Run Indefinitely When Page Contains Active Content

The Read HTML Table action incorrectly handles active content – for example client-side scripting.

Order bad Error Due to Negative Values in Keys

Compare Tables fails for Bad Data (negative values) in keys. An example error message is:


order bad: table1 17820000018872000001888 999999998 - 17820000018862000001887 999999998

WebForms Support for RFC Destination Parameters

WebForms now supports RFC Destination as input parameters.


We will send out email with download details to each customer starting later this week.