LiveCompare 2.5.2 GA Refresh

We recently discovered changes made by SAP to the 711 version of the RFC libraries are causing issues in workflows which perform multiple Read SAP Table actions (e.g., Check LiveCompare Account Authorizations).  We have detemined the latest 720 version of the RFC Libraries work as expected.  The RFC Libraries are required during the installation of LiveCompare and must be downloaded from the SAP Market Place by each customer.  We will be updating the Installation and Configuration guide to direct customers to these new RFC Libraries and will create a new GA release of LiveCompare 2.5.2.  The updated GA release should be available for download by Wednesday February 22nd.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause


  • Getting and Applying the latest 720 RFC Libraries

    The SAP RFC 720 Unicode SDK comes in different flavours. You should download either the IA32 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) flavour. Which version you download depends on the flavour of LiveCompare that you are using. Use the IA32 (32-bit) flavour with the x86 (32-bit) version of LiveCompare. Use the x64 (64-bit) flavour with the x64 (64-bit) version of LiveCompare.

    The procedure for updating an existing LiveCompare 2.5.2 installation with the latest SAP RFC 720 Unicode SDK is as follows:

    1. Log on to the LiveCompare server using an account with local administrator privileges.

    2. Download the latest SAP RFC720 Unicode SDK from the SAP Market Place.

    3. Use SAPCAR to extract the 720 SAP RFC SDK SAR file on the LiveCompare server.

    4. Stop the ‘rnserver’ service

    5. Copy the dll files from rfcsdk\lib to <INSTALLDIR>\Intellicorp\LiveCompare\web\binn.

    6. Start the ‘rnserver’ service.

    NOTE: For detailed instructions on how to download the RFCSDK please see your LiveCompare Installation and Configuration guide.

    Please contact IntelliCorp technical support should you require any assistance updating your copy of LiveCompare 2.5.2.

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    Tel: 408 454-3744                                                                                Tel: +44 (0)1454 454 100

    Please contact the IntelliCorp support centre nearest to you.

  • The use of the latest 711 version of the RFC Libraries will lead to an RFC error message in workflows which have multiple Read SAP Table actions.  The first Read SAP action will be successful; however, the second Read SAP action will fail with the following RFC error message:

    Msg : RFC Call/Exception: RFC call/receive error. Error group=104,

    Key=RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE, Message=See RFC trace file or SAP system log

    for more details

    The Check LiveCompare Authorizations template is one such workflow which demonstrates this behavior.