When companies, plants, or other business entities merge or split, run this app to identify derivative data discrepancies within SAP tables. To run, select a system, a key field, (BUKRS, WERKS, VKORG, LGORT, VSTEL, MOLGA) and two keys to compare. For example, if you’d like to compare two separate plants, select Key Field WERKS from the dropdown and enter the two plants you’d like to compare. Within the same system and same tables, this App compares data related to the selected plants. This can be important when plants merge or split and you need to identify the table data discrepancies. Perhaps some of the non-key fields within the tables need to be in sync and there should be awareness when this is not the case.

DuoKey identifies tables related to the selected key by referencing DD03L & DD02L and filters out large tables generally not relevant for this type of analysis. There’s a sub-workflow the App Driver calls that will need to be updated if you’d like to add more selections to the key field dropdown. Please comment here or email me at t.girouard@tricentis.com for help on adding a new key or any other questions you may have.

Developed on LiveCompare Build

Version History:


  • App Debut


  1. Now supports the LOGSYS Key
  2. Added Table Descriptions to the Summary Report
  • add "SIPT_BKPF" to the Unsupported Datatype Tables parameter

  • add XSQL action.





     Source2.DDTEXT AS Description,






    FROM Source1 LEFT JOIN Source2 ON Source1.TableName = Source2.TABNAME;

    SOURCE1: Result (Relevant Tables) - then rename this dataset to just "Relevant Tables"

    SOURCE2: DD02T (Table Descriptions) Results (add Read Table Action First)

    Purpose: To include Table Description in the %Summary

  • MergRSplit is very useful workflow. We intend to use to find config differences (using ‘WERKS’ key field) between two plants. The work-flow also compares custom tables & fields and the  dashboard generated is user-friendly. There are other flavors of the work-flow where Config. Nodes can be selected thru ‘IMG’ Select .  You can also compare config. across instances, for example: Quality Vs. Production that may help further to identify issues in config.  for trouble shooting purpose.

    – Tushar Bhavsar