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No help file found - error on trying to view Template help files

Hello Gurus,

This error is not critical because if I navigate directly to the .html file for te help, I can open it. However, I would like to resolve the issue so I can open help files without navigating the file system.

Here's the error:

Every 'Help' button gives that error, but like I said, the file exists in the directory. Inspecting the 'source' of the page seems to indicate a java function might be misbehaving as on this LiveCompare environment I see nothing here:


However, on our Dev server where the help files open just fine, I see in the source:

That is where I get stuck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

LiveCompare version 3.7

  • It looks like the server's view of which packages (which includes templates) are installed has been lost.

    Perhaps the server software was upgraded but the matching apps package wasn't installed?

    Re-installing the apps package that matches the server build number should resolve this issue.