What’s New in LiveCompare 3.2

LiveCompare 3.2.0 is released. Customers will receive their upgrade notices this week/early next week. The following "What's New" notes are taken from the release notes:

LiveCompare 3.2.0 includes the following new features:


  • The Bootstrap App compares the system parameters retrieved from two SAP systems.
  • The Census App reports on the roles assigned to one or more users on the specified SAP system.  The App's results include users and their assigned single and composite roles, the transaction codes and authorizations associated with each assigned role, and the start and end dates of role assignment.
  • The Code Sight App has been redesigned to analyze a set of custom objects rather than a set of transports.
  • The Inspector App reports on a list of transaction codes on the specified SAP system.  The App's results include which users are assigned to run each transaction code, the single roles that contain each transaction code, whether each transaction code is assigned using a single or composite role, and which users have run each transaction code according to the available performance history data.
  • The Survey App provides a summary of single role usage on the specified SAP system.  The App's results include users that have been assigned to each of the specified roles, which transaction codes are available to the assigned roles, which users have run each transaction code according to the available performance history data, and whether each of the single roles may be assigned using a composite role.
  • The Up App has been updated to generate Excel spreadsheets that report on impacted used custom code, impacted used standard code, unused custom code and transaction code usage by user.
  • The Apps listed in the studio interface's App Store may be filtered by App, Rating or Description.
  • The filters for Apps, App Ratings, App Variants and App Results in the studio interface support the wildcard character '*'.
  • The App Ratings screen includes an 'Install' button for Apps that you have not yet installed.  Click 'Install' to add the App to your Home screen.

Consumer Interface

  • The consumer interface supports rich user interface controls for App fields.  Switches, Sliders, Value Lists and Date selection controls are supported.
  • The Variant screen validates the input for integer and float fields.
  • The Table and String List editors for Apps include a 'Delete all' button, which allows all the table rows or string list elements to be deleted.
  • The headers and footers for App screens have been updated to include white text on a blue background.
  • The Home screen includes a 'Contacts' frame which displays the contact details stored in the studio interface's 'Administration page.
  • The Home screen displays the text message set in the studio interface's Administration page, however the message is initially set to 'Welcome to LiveCompare Apps.'.
  • The App Store and Home screens use a tiled display.


  • The LiveCompare Standard Package templates package has been renamed as 'LiveCompare Apps'.
  • The Compare Parameters workflow in the Synchronization package compares the system parameters retrieved from two specified SAP systems.  The results are displayed in a Dashboard report.
  • The S.40 - Summary of all Short Dumps workflow in the Basis package provides a summary of all the SAP short dump data that has been retrieved for the specified RFC Destination.  The short dumps are summarized by type, program, include, user, month and the time of day when they occurred.
  • The S.41 - Weekly Short Dump Summary workflow in the Basis package provides a summary of the SAP short dump data that has been generated for the specified RFC Destination in the last seven days.  The short dumps are summarized by type, program, include, user, month and the time of day when they occurred.
  • The Add New Custom Object Naming Patterns workflow in Tools package updates the Custom Object Naming Patterns External Data Source with patterns that allow it to identify custom DYNP objects.
  • The Get SAP Component Summary workflow in the Tools package reads a component summary from the PAT03 table on the specified SAP system and sends the results in an email to IntelliCorp Technical Support.  We may use the results to match your SAP system against one of our own when answering a question you may have about LiveCompare.
  • The Get Xrefs workflow in the Tools package uses the Generic RFC Call action to return a cross reference table for a set of enhancement objects.  The results obtained from SAP table ENHINCINX include the programs, methods and includes associated with each of the specified enhancement objects.
  • The Survey UPL Data workflow in the Tools package provides a summary of the UPL objects retrieved by date for the specified RFC Destination.  This workflow may be used to ensure that you have collected a representative sample of UPL data.
  • The Small Change Impact Analysis workflow in the Impact Analysis package has been renamed as 'Object Change Impact Analysis'.  The workflow has been redesigned to analyze a set of custom objects rather than a set of transports. The standard Large Change Impact Analysis workflow should be used to analyze transport changes.
  • The SOD Conflict Analysis workflow in the License Management package has been updated to extract users statistics instead of application statistics from the available performance history data.  Indexes have been created for the performance history data columns, which may provide a performance improvement.
  • The U.09 - User Tcode Usage Analysis workflow in the Upgrade package includes indexes for the Accounts to Tcodes, Accounts to Roles and Roles to Tcodes tables.  This improves the workflow's performance, and provides a performance improvement to the Up App in this release.
  • In the Object Change Impact Analysis, Large Change Impact Analysis, Business Function Impact Analysis and BW Change Impact Analysis workflows from the Impact Analysis package, the term 'recommended' has been replaced by 'most-at-risk'.
  • The SCIA_Rev-Trac workflow from the Rev-Trac Integration package is no longer available.
  • The Check LiveCompare Account Authorizations workflow in the Tools package checks the authorizations of the SAP account associated with the supplied RFC Destination. It does not require the account name to be specified separately.
  • The 'Query Results' report in the U.01 and U.01P templates, and the Up App has been updated to include a report showing impacted used custom code details.


  • Execute R actions allow the R statistical programming language to be used in workflows.  The action requires that R is installed in the LiveCompare server. See the Installation and Configuration Guide for details.
  • Execute R actions may be used to generate graphs and charts, which are stored in Image datasets.
  • The R Script Repository contains a number of example R scripts that may be called directly using the Execute R action.
  • The Execute R Example workflow in the Tools template package demonstrates the use of the Execute R action's input parameters and output datasets using a sequence of example statements.

Impact Analysis

  • The Analyze Object Links action includes a Usage Paths dataset.  For each used and impacted executable, this dataset stores a single path from the executable to each of the source object that impacts it.
  • The Find Object Links, Uses What and Where Used actions include a Business Critical Objects parameter, which allows a specified set of objects to be included in the objects to be searched for links.


  • Process Performance History Data actions support the option to merge program and transaction usage when both are recorded as used in the performance history data.
  • Read Short Dump Data actions read the short dump data retrieved for the specified RFC Destination.
  • Generic RFC Call actions support changing parameters in the remote function to be called.  A changing parameter is represented in the RFC Signature Building Wizard as an input property named IN_<parameter name> and an output property named OUT_<parameter name>.
  • If the Get Administration Objects action's Object Type property is set to 'ExternalDataSource', the action's Result dataset includes the connection string used to connect to each External Data Source.
  • The Read Large SAP Table action includes an output dataset named 'Result Table File Map' which maps SAP table names to their associated temporary table files on the SAP server.
  • The Read Large SAP Table action includes a Boolean parameter named 'No FTP'.  If this parameter is set to 'true', the temporary table file generated by the action will not be transferred to the LiveCompare server using FTP.  It may be moved or copied to another location for further processing.
  • The Define Action Parameters Wizard and RFC Signature Builder Wizard no longer support 'InOut' as a direction for the action properties they create.
  • The 'View Metadata' option for Table datasets displays the table dataset's workspace name and workflow ID.
  • By default, SAP table views that have more than 5 component tables are not recorded by the Record Snapshot action, to avoid the possibility of SAP timeout errors.  However, this value may be modified using a registry setting on the LiveCompare server.
  • If the 'OnlyAdminEditsRFCDest' option has been set in the Configuration folder or during the installation of LiveCompare, IMG structures may only be downloaded by users LiveCompare Administrator privileges.


  • Images may be included in Dashboard Reports.  These include graphics generated by the Execute R action, and any image that may be accessed via a URL.
  • The 'IntelliCorp' Dashboard report color palette has been updated.
  • Generated Access, Excel and PowerPoint report files are named after the 'Report Name' parameter set for the appropriate workflow action, excluding any characters that are not permitted in for use filenames.
  • The headers for HTML reports have been condensed to include the user who created the report and the creation date in a single line.  The name of the report's workspace is no longer included.


  • The Process Run screen allows a workflow's schedule to be disabled or re-enabled.  A workflow may be edited and run directly once its schedule is disabled.

User Interface

  • The 'External Data Source Details' screen includes a 'Show Sample Data' button, which may be used to retrieve up to 20 rows of data from the selected External Data Source.
  • The 'External Data Sources' screen displays the connection string used to connect to each External Data Source.
  • The Transports tab for RFC Destinations has been removed.  This tab listed the most recent LiveCompare transports installed on a particular system, however it did not indicate whether these were the latest LiveCompare transports.  The 'Check LiveCompare Transports' workflow from the Tools package should be used to determine whether the latest LiveCompare transports have been installed on an RFC Destination.
  • The SDD tab for RFC Destinations allows short dump data to be retrieved, and a schedule to be specified for the retrieval of short dump data.
  • The UPL tab for RFC Destinations allows UPL data to be retrieved, and a schedule to be specified for the retrieval of UPL data.
  • If the top-level 'RFC Destinations' folder is selected in the Administration hierarchy, the Details pane lists all the folder's RFC Destinations, including those in nested RFC Destinations folders.
  • If the 'OnlyAdminEditsRFCDest' configuration option has been set, for users with LiveCompare Editor privileges the PHD tab only displays the current date and time on the LiveCompare server.  The scheduling details and the number of months of performance history data to retrieve for the RFC Destination are not shown.
  • When a tabbed display is selected and the user switches between similar objects, the same tab remains selected.  This applies to projects, RFC Destinations, LDAP Import Specifications, Quick Compare results and the SAP objects shown in Hierarchy datasets.
  • The tree component used in Hierarchy, Vault and View Definition datasets has been updated.
  • LiveCompare's error messages have been reworded to be more succinct.

LDAP Integration

  • The following characters may not be used in the name of an Import Specification: . / \ *.  These characters are converted to underscores when LDAP settings from earlier LiveCompare releases are upgraded to Import Specifications.
  • A LiveCompare user may be included in more than one LDAP import specification group.  LiveCompare keeps track of which import specification groups a user belongs to in order to maintain their project assignments when any of the import specifications are imported.
  • If a LiveCompare account is imported from two Import Specifications, each with a different role, the user's role may be promoted from Consumer to Editor.  However a user's role will not be demoted from Editor to Consumer.


  • The Configuration Wizard retains the 'Administrators Only RFC Administration' and 'Strong Passwords' settings from LiveCompare releases 3.1 and above.


  • The 'WorkflowExpirationDays' configuration setting allows workflows whose results are older than the specified number of days to be reset automatically.