What's New in LiveCompare 3.7R3

LiveCompare 3.7R3 is now available. Upgrade notices will go out in the New Year.

The following is taken from the release notes and you'll find the same information in the "What's New" online help topic.

What’s New in this Release

LiveCompare 3.7 Release 3 includes the following new features:


  • The Spade App has been updated to include a more detailed Dashboard report, showing top users, top Apps, top workflows, usage distribution and execution status for Apps and workflows over various time periods. Further details are provided in an Excel report.
  • In the Excel Report generated by the Code Guard App, the Rule Break Detail spreadsheet only reports on quality rules in the 'Error' class. Rules in the 'Warning' class are filtered out of the results.
  • In the Code Guard App, quality analysis is only performed for custom code that is used according to the available performance history data.
  • For queued variants, the Start Time column in the Studio interface’s Apps Monitor screens displays the date and time when the variant was placed in the queue.


  • The performance of the following workflows has been improved by updating their SQL: U.09 - User Tcode Usage Analysis, U.12 - Impacted Profiles and Authorizations, (Upgrade) UA12 - Impacted Profiles and Authorizations (Upgrade Assessor App), Destination to Source object transport comparison (Synchronization).


  • Vaults have been updated in this release to use a SQLite implementation rather than a file-based implementation. If you have upgraded from an earlier release of LiveCompare, any existing vaults you have will need to be upgraded before they can be accessed in this release. This can be done by running the Upgrade Vaults workflow in the Tools template package.
  • Purge Vaults actions may be used to purge revision data from the specified Vaults. The most recent N months of revision data is retained.
  • A problem has been resolved where Vaults that have not been upgraded could be written to following an upgrade to this release. This problem caused new Vaults to be created, leaving the old Vaults unaffected.
  • A problem has been resolved where an ‘order bad’ error would occur when comparing data in an upgraded Vault.
  • An error has been resolved which prevented the Create Access Report action from completing successfully.
  • LiveCompare's data extract programs have been updated to write error messages to the SAP job log when errors are encountered during a background job. In this case, the job is stopped and its status is marked as 'canceled'.
  • A problem has been resolved were integer values were not converted correctly before being written to an upgraded Vault.
  • Using Chrome, copied table data is preselected in the ‘Please copy your data from here’ dialog so that it may be copied easily using Ctrl+C.
  • A problem has been resolved which prevented long string values (truncated with …) from being edited using the Property Editor.
Public External Data Sources have been renamed as REST API External Data Sources to emphasize that they are distinct from the ‘Public’ and ‘Private’ User Data subfolders.
  • A problem has been resolved where an Sqlite.PRAGMA.<name> setting in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\LiveCompare\3.7\Settings registry folder would cause a -911 error when restarting LiveCompare and logging in.
  • A problem has been resolved where a badly-formed IMG download would cause LiveCompare to crash. Badly formed IMG downloads are now deleted if they are found during an upgrade to this release.
  • An error has been resolved where editing workspace details (such as a workspace’s name or description) while logged in as an Administrator would result in an internal server error.
  • A problem has been resolved where objects in the /ICORP namespace were included in the Upgrade Analysis Development spreadsheet's SPAU and SPDD tabs. The U.15 - SPDD and SPAU objects workflow in the Upgrade package has also been updated to exclude /ICORP objects from its results.
  • An SQL error has been resolved, which occurred when running the Upgrade PHD workflow from the Tools package.
  • The Search Test Plans action includes a Blacklist Extensions parameter, which stores a list of script or attachment extensions to be excluded from the search results.
  • The Details screen for a Vault displays the date and time when the Vault was created. If a Vault folder is selected in the LiveCompare hierarchy, the Details screen includes the creation date and time for each of the folder's Vaults.
  • A problem has been resolved where scheduled workflows would remain in the ‘InQueue’ state after their scheduled start time.
  • A problem has been resolved which caused an error when two workflows used the Get SAP Objects action to access a system’s IMG at the same time.
  • A problem with the Compare Objects action has been resolved, which caused a TABLE_INVALID_INDEX error.
  • A problem with the Check RFC Destinations workflow has been resolved, which caused the workflow to halt for RFC Destinations that had connection errors.
A problem with the Get Administration Objects action has been resolved, which caused an ‘An action is running that is using this runlog’ error.


  • Selecting ‘View Details’ from a Vault parameter’s context menu displays the Vault name in the Details pane.
  • Since cutting the release before the break, we've improved the Search Test Plans action to return additional data:




    * TESTER

    This is based on the observation of a user that between the transports dropping in QAS and testing officially starting some tests may be run. This data lets the user remove run (and successful) tests from the release test scope.

    You shouldn't have to do anything special to get this. Upgrade notices are going out this week and will include links to the download that features this improved action.