Update the LiveCompare Service Account

LiveCompare's application server runs as a Windows service. This means it requires a valid user account in order to run. IntelliCorp recommends that LiveCompare is configured with a local account whose password never expires. As a service application, it can be difficult to know when the password has expired and how to update it. Current good password practice recommends that passwords are not set to expire.

That being said...

When the LiveCompare service account expires you may see a 503 - service unavailable or 911 - can't create object error. Or an app will fail to run (because LiveCompare can't start the process that hosts apps and their workflows) or a workflow won't run (same reason) or ... well, there are lots of ways an expired service account password can affect LiveCompare.

Historically there has been no way to completely update the service account. Yes, you can deconfigure and then configure (quite a lot of work) LiveCompare to update the services entry, IIS application registration and all new scheduled jobs. But what about jobs that were scheduled with the old account information? They just won't run.

LiveCompare 3.9 fixes:

  • Too much work to deconfigure/configure LiveCompare to update the service account
  • Existing scheduled jobs don't run


  • A new "Update LiveCompare Service Account" wizard
  • Server-side support to reconfigure all LiveCompare scheduled jobs when the service account is updated

Since the wizard is only updating the service account, it doesn't need to bother the user for things like the SAP NWRFC SDK and name of the web application. Simply pop in the new account details:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Confirm password

and click Finish.

When done, the wizard tells the LiveCompare server that the service account has changed. The next time a user signs into LiveCompare, the server will reconfigure all the LiveCompare scheduled jobs to use the new account details.

Example 1 - The LiveCompare Service Account Has Expired

This is the most common scenario. The administrator needs to update the service account. They do that by starting the "Update LiveCompare Service Account" wizard:

Click Next.

Enter the existing username and new password. Confirm the password. Click Next.

Review the changes. Click Finish.

Sign into LiveCompare to complete the configuration of existing scheduled jobs.

Example 2 - Switch to a Different LiveCompare Service Account

This scenario is less common. In recent times I can think of one user that wanted to switch from a domain account to a local account.

Start the wizard as in Example 1 and fill in the new account details.

Sign in to LiveCompare to complete the configuration of existing scheduled jobs.


LiveCompare 3.9 simplifies the task of updating the LiveCompare service account and fixes the problem of updating existing scheduled jobs.

  • LiveCompare workflows that are scheduled with "repeat workflow every N for a duration of Y" can be affected by updating the LiveCompare service account.

    Let's say you have workflow that runs every day at 1000 and repeats every 15 minutes for 24 hours. You've effectively created a job that runs every 15 minutes forever.

    But the 1000 time is important. This is the trigger time for the job.

    Wind the clock forward to 1050:

    * The workflow will have run four times (1000, 1015, 1030 and 1045)

    * You run the update service account wizard

    This will update the configuration of the "running" job.

    What time do you think the workflow will run next?


    Tomorrow at 1000?

    The answer is tomorrow at 1000 - the next trigger point.