Apps, Studio and Web Services – The Three LiveCompare Interfaces

As we continue the development of LiveCompare 3.1 and its new "apps" system, we needed a new way to describe the workflow UI. We've settled on calling it the studio interface. This gives us the three LiveCompare interface modes:

  • Apps
  • Studio
  • Web Services

Apps is the new consumer interface that we're building. The goal is to provide an experience that the hundreds of SAP stakeholders can use without all that messing about with workflows.

Studio is the power-user interface where all the tool features of LiveCompare are surfaced. You use Studio to assemble apps.

Web Services is the API interface and is for building software-to-software interfaces between third-party software and LiveCompare.

To borrow liberally from The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, Studio is the Infinite Improbability Drive, Apps is the Bistromathic Drive and Web Services? Well, I heard eddies in the space time continuum…