Share an App Variant

LiveCompare app variants are used to pre-configure how an app should run. Basically a variant captures the input parameter values that you want to use when you run the app.

For example, you might have several development streams that you want to run Code Sleuth against. Create an app variant for each DEV system to save time.

Today variants are private - meaning they are visible only to the user that creates them.

In LiveCompare 3.6 we've implemented the ability to share variants. In the screenshot below I have three private variants (denoted by the blue locked padlock).

Click the padlock to share a variant:

A new variant is created (note the green unlocked padlock) and made visible to all users of the app.

There is only ever one copy of a shared variant so anyone that edits the variant changes it for everyone. Anyone that deletes the shared variant deletes it for everyone. But remember: we copy the original variant when creating the shared variant and so if it does get accidentally deleted, the original user can re-share the variant.

When I first showed this feature to customers the consensus was that the images for private and shared were too similar. I've changed the images to be more distinct from each other. I think the colouring helps too. What do you think?