Secure Your LiveCompare Server With SSL (Part 1)

The fastest way to protect your LiveCompare installation with SSL is to simply self-sign your IIS server.

Start Internet Information Server Manager:

Double-click Server Certificates:

In the Actions panel on the far right, click the Create Self-Signed Certificate:

Enter a friendly name and click OK.

Confirm the certificate is shown:

Expand Sites in the Connections panel. Select Default Web Site and choose Edit Bindings… from the context menu:

Click Add…:

Choose https for Type and select the self-signed certificate created earlier for SSL certificate. Click OK.

Confirm https is shown as a binding:

Click Close.

Open a browser and navigate to LiveCompare. Remember to prefix the URL with https://

Modern browsers don’t especially like self-signed certificates. Chrome makes that very clear. Click ADVANCED and then Proceed to Site. You may have to do this more than once. Eventually Chrome will display:

LiveCompare’s web application is now running over SSL, meaning the traffic between the browser and web server is encrypted.

Next time we’ll look at using an authority validated certificate.