SAP Package Management LiveCompare Apps

A time consuming aspect of upgrading SAP applications is the process of disassembling the packages that make up the upgrade. Customers have told me that it can days to disassemble the hundreds of packages common to support packs.

LiveCompare includes two apps to aid help with SAP package management:

  • PacVey – surveys an SAP landscape and reports on the status packages.
  • PackDsm – automatically disassembles a user-specified set of packages.

PacDsm eliminates all the manual effort required to disassemble SAP packages.


The PacVey dashboard reports that status of packages in various ways starting with a applied –vs- not applied chart:

The dashboard goes on to chart package deployment by year:

This is one of our older systems.

We can also see the breakdown by month:

Looks like we installed quite regularly throughout any given year.

And finally by day:

PacVey is very simple torun. Just point the app at one of your SAP systems:

And click the brig green run button.

You might prefer to get a view across several systems. No problem. Just drop into Studio and adjust the app workflow.


PacDsm accepts an SAP system and set of packages as input:

Packages are specified in a standard LiveCompare table:

You can enter the package names by hand or, more simply if you have a lot to disassemble, paste them from Excel or upload from a file.

Click the big green run button and LiveCompare will disassemble each of the packages reporting its success/failure in a dashboard report.