Report Template Resources

Last time I wrote about the improved Create Excel Report action in LiveCompare 3.1. I ended the post with the question: how do you upload an Excel template (or any of the report templates for that matter) to a LiveCompare server to which you have no direct or remote desktop access?

And the answers is…

In LiveCompare 3.0 you're stuck. You'll have to get your friendly sysadmin to take the file and put it on the server.

In LiveCompare 3.1 you can do this for yourself. Here's the Data hierarchy:

The Report Templates object and its children are new in LiveCompare 3.1. You can see from the right-pane that you can now browse for a local file and upload it.


LiveCompare 3.1 adds the ability to upload report templates. Like the Create Excel Report change, this is a rough edge smoothed off in response to customer feedback. Keep it coming!