LiveCompare Apps Walkthrough

Since writing about building my Diabetes Tracker as a set of LiveCompare 3.1 apps, the design of the interface has been refined. In this post I'll provide an update on the current user experience.

The first time a consumer connects their home screen will have only the App Store and iShare apps.

You cannot remove these two apps from your home screen.

Want an app? Of course! Open the App Store:

Tap on an app to get more details, including reviews:

Writing a review is a great way to pass feedback to the app author:

Apps marked with the green triangle in the top-right corner are apps I've installed:

Each app has its own cockpit that's split into two sections:

My Variants are used to setup different runs of the app. For example, let's say I have two separate SAP development systems. Rather than pick the system each time I run the app I can setup a variant for each of them making it even simpler to run the analysis – just click the play button next to the correct variant.

Creating a variant is easy. Just tap the New Variant button and give it a name. You can copy any existing variant (including the original app definition) as a start point:

Tap the variant link to edit its parameters:

Tap the green play button next to a variant to run it:

Soon the results will be ready:

I can easily share the results (which effectively makes them public) by clicking the email link:

Apps create easy-to-use dashboards:

In this (admiteddly small demo case) I can see the level of impact my latest security changes will have on my user community.

As an app designer you have complete control over the content and layout of the dashboard. Here's the Custom Code dashboard:

Finally if you want to remove an app, click the remove apps link on the home screen. Every removable app will get a "Remove" button. Click the link a second time (or somewhere on the background) to return to the normal home screen mode: