LiveCompare and Reverse Proxy

A recent helpdesk ticket caused us to look at how LiveCompare works when configured behind a reverse proxy. I setup a simple test case using Apache as the reverse proxy running on Ubuntu. To get closer to the customer’s configuration I configured Apache with a self-signed certificate. IIS on the LiveCompare server only accepted regular http connections. In effect I had:

client –(https)->reverse proxy –(http)->LiveCompare

We had to make some adjustments to LiveCompare so that it always presented a client-valid URL to various resources (like reports).

We’ve updated LiveCompare 3.9 with the changes and a LiveCompare 3.8 build is available on request (open a helpdesk ticket). All of the changes are now in the in-development LiveCompare 3.9.2 release.

We recommend a few things when configuring LiveCompare with a reverse proxy:


LiveCompare 3.8, 3.9 and the next version – 3.9.2 – support reverse proxy configurations.