LiveCompare 3.9.2 Released

We have released LiveCompare 3.9.2. From the release cover letter:

Whether you are embarking on a new SAP implementation, consolidating instances, upgrading to the latest support pack/enhancement pack or migrating to S/4HANA, testing will consume a significant portion of your time. LiveCompare is here to help.

LiveCompare™ is the most advanced smart change impact analysis solution for SAP applications. LiveCompare has helped numerous customers meet their growing time-to-market and cost-to-market needs by cutting testing effort 85%, increasing release velocity and supporting the delivery of working software in production with zero defects.

The focus of LiveCompare 3.9.2 is to expand our view of what’s testable. Classically we cared only about the transactions to test, but as our SAP applications have evolved, the things we need to test has grown to include:

  • Transactions and programs
  • Web Applications, including SAP Fiori apps
  • Interfaces
  • APIs
  • Users

LiveCompare’s Impact for Custom Release has been improved to support this expanded view of what to test in response to any and every SAP application change. Here's what you can expect:

  • Impact Analysis
    • In addition to supporting classic transactions, programs and web apps, LiveCompare now identified impacted SmartForms and APIs
  • Impacted Interfaces
    • LiveCompare now identifies used IDOCs and impact
  • Impacted Roles
    • LiveCompare identifies impacted roles when any authorisation related objects are changed.

LiveCompare 3.9.2 Release Highlights

  • Impact for Custom Release
    • Identify most-at-risk transactions, programs, web applications, APIs, interfaces and roles
  • Find Similar Roles
    • Find roles that are similar and open to consolidation given a authorisation criteria
  • Short Dump Watch
    • Stay on top of defects by tracking short dumps
  • SAP HANA Migration Assessment
    • The "Upgrade Assessor" app ha been renamed and improved with a consistent dashboard theme and clearer charts