LiveCompare 3.8: Release Assurance

LiveCompare’s Release Assurance app is used to support the Deploy phase of a smart DevOps for SAP Application process. Release Assurance identifies two common sources of production defect:

  • Dependencies that are different between QAS and PRD and which are not included in the release transports
  • Ancestors that are different between QAS and PRD and which are not included in the release transports

At best these will result in a production import error. At works a production failure.

Graphically it looks like:

For LiveCompare 3.8 we’ve improved the app based on customer feedback. The dashboard now shows the number of child and parent objects that are different and which are not included in the release transports. This puts the most important information first:

A single Excel-based output includes all the details of what was analysed and the results. The goal is to create a self-contained report that can easily be shared by the release team (and anyone else).

The Excel file includes a dashboard:

All of the source objects that were analysed for missing changed dependencies and ancestors:

We’ve restructured the ChildObjects and ParentObjects sheets to more clearly explain the results:

The changes include:

  • Moving Found_NNN columns to the right of the Source_NNN columns for consistency
  • Change Request_Main to Request
  • Change Request_Task to Task

We’ve also changed how the Request and Task fields are completed so that there will always be a Request value and sometimes a Task value.

A new SysInfo sheet captures the QAS and PRD systems used in the analysis – all part of making the report self-contained.

For the side-by-side comparisons of code we’re using the new source code UI:

I’ll explore this new component when I write up the changes to support ABAP object versions. For now: this control is used everywhere we compare code.