LiveCompare 3.8: Protect PRD From Experimental Changes (aka Reset HEAD)

LiveCompare 3.8 includes a new analysis that protects PRD SAP systems from experimental changes. Let’s start with this initial state:

We have a custom program with three versions. The latest version has been imported into QAS and PRD.

Now we start some experimental work on the program:

With a drive to innovate faster, we can imagine a CR coming down the line that requires us to change the program:

Now we are asking for trouble. If we release this object and import it into QAS we end up with:

QAS now contains a version of the program with the CR changes built on the experimental changes. This is probably not what we want.

Worse still is when we import the object into PRD:

The question is how do we prevent this?

You have questions.

LiveCompare has the answers.

LiveCompare 3.8 includes a new “Reset HEAD” analysis that developers can use before they start work on CRs to be certain that what they are building on is safe:

LiveCompare automatically identifies the version of the program in DEV that matches the program in QAS. To eliminate the experimental development we simply need to make version 0003 active:

And now we can work to satisfy the CR:

Importing this transport into QAS and PRD carries only the stable changes:

To improve the quality of the change further, the build team can run Code Watch and the test team can optimize their work using Impact.

The Reset HEAD analysis includes all the details a developer needs to sync DEV with QAS:

I’ve focused on DEV and QAS in this blog but LiveCompare’s Reset HEAD analysis supports any two systems.