LiveCompare 3.8: ABAP Code Comparison with Syntax Highlighting

Long-time users of LiveCompare will remember we introduced syntax highlighting in our XDiff control all the way back in the late 2000s. This was in the days of ActiveX controls powering rich browser-hosted user experiences. XDiff was based on the excellent Scintilla open source project. We added the necessary support for ABAP syntax highlighting.

The ActiveX controls had to be replaced when we added support for more than just Internet Explorer. The control we built for side-by-side code comparisons didn’t support syntax highlighting.

But it’s back for LiveCompare 3.8.

We’re leveraging the Monaco open source project and once again we’ve added the necessary support for ABAP syntax highlighting.

Here’s a comparison of side-by-side code comparison in LiveCompare 3.7R3 and LiveCompare 3.8:

Monaco gives us many other improvements including:

  • Inline difference highlighting. If just one character in a line is different, the line and the character are highlighted.
  • Source code map differences – the gutter on the far right shows where the differences are in the source so we can quickly find them
  • Synchronized scrolling – scroll one panel and the other panel scrolls to match

There are more advanced features that can be found on the short-cut menu.

We’re using the control everywhere we show code differences:

  • Quick Compare
  • Compare Objects
  • Reports

The control works well on tablets:

And even smartphones, although the logo takes up a bit too much space:

We'll have to do something about the logo.