LiveCompare 3.2: Richer, Smarter, Correlated (Part 1)

What can you expect in the next version of LiveCompare? The unofficial tagline is:

Richer. Smarter. Correlated.

The tagline captures the major 3.2 release themes. In this post I'll cover the Richer element.


The LiveCompare apps experience has proven to be extremely popular. At a recent user group event in Las Vegas I heard from one customer how they've deployed apps to hundreds of users. Here's an example app:

While this is much simpler than working with the workflow-driven Studio UI, there's room for improvement:

  • A calendar widget would make entering the date much simpler. For one thing I wouldn't have to remember the YYYMMDD format.
  • Several fields (Invoked Deity and Inscribe On) are enumerated values. I should be able to pick from a drop-down list.
  • Severity is naturally a range and should be presented as a silder from low to high.

Here's what the app looks like in LiveCompare 3.2:

The Date field is now supported with a calendar control. The enumerated value fields (Invoked Deity, Stolen Items and Inscribe on) and supported by drop-down controls. The Severity range uses a slider control and Write Backwards (a boolean parameter) uses a nice toggle switch control.

LiveCompare will capture more information when publishing the app about each parameter and use this information to render the appropriate control. We plan to support:

  • Date
  • DateTime
  • Time
  • Enum values
  • Range
  • Pattern
  • Toggle

I'll post further examples as the work progresses.