LiveCompare 3.1 Release 2 Backward Compatibility

This post is based on the Backward Compatibility online help topic.

Upgrading from LiveCompare 3.1 Release 1

LiveCompare Standard Apps

A number of LiveCompare standard Apps have been updated in this release. If you are upgrading from LiveCompare 3.1, you will need to create new variants for the Code Sight, Code Sleuth and Upgrade Analyzer Apps, as they now include an additional RFC Destination parameter.

Upgrading from LiveCompare 3.0


Apps have been reimplemented in this release. If you were using Apps in LiveCompare 3.0 or Web Forms from an earlier release of LiveCompare, each of your workflows will need to be reregistered as Apps in LiveCompare 3.1 using the Register Workflow as App Wizard.

LiveCompare Viewers

The LiveCompare Viewer role is no longer available. Following an upgrade to LiveCompare 3.1, existing Viewers will have their role converted to the LiveCompare Consumer role. This also applies to upgrades from earlier LiveCompare releases.

Upgrading from LiveCompare 2.6

Convert SAP Types Action

The Convert SAP Types action has been updated in this release so that its Source table requires columns named INPUT_NAME, INPUT_TYPE and TRANSPORT_NAME. As a result, the action's Source Name Column and Source Type Column properties have been removed. If you are using the Convert SAP Types action in any of your workflows, the action should be replaced with its updated version from the Component Palette. Alternatively, you may re-import any of the following LiveCompare templates:

  • The 'S.24 - Missing Objects Transport Analysis', 'S.25 - Transport Pre-Import Analysis' and 'S.26 - Landscape Synchronization Analysis' workflows from the Basis package.
  • The 'HR Support Pack Schemas' workflow from the Human Resources package.
  • The 'Business Function Impact Analysis', 'BW Change Impact Analysis', 'Find SPDD & SPAU Objects Matching Support Pack Objects', 'Large Change Impact Analysis' and 'Small Change Impact Analysis' workflows from the Impact Analysis package.
  • The 'LCIA_Rev-Trac' and 'SCIA_Rev-Trac' workflows from the Rev-Trac Integration package.

HR Schema Where Used Action

This action is no longer available. Instead, use the Where Used action, providing HR objects in the action's 'Source' table and setting its 'Types to Report' parameter to 'HRSC'.

See the Backward Compatibility online help topics for information about upgrading from earlier versions.