How Big is My LiveCompare Userdata?

PHD, UPL, SDD, OLC, XDS, reports, workflows, workspaces all use disk space. Finding out what’s consuming disk space beyond the high-level summary:

required taking control of the server and using command line or open source tools like WinDirStat. Taking remote control of the server is generally a restricted function so how can this information be published to users?

In LiveCompare 3.9 there’s a new action called Get Resource Data. Here’s a sample workflow showing how the action is used:

For now the action supports only one Resource Type (UserdataSizes). This may expand in the future.

I’ve set the depth to 2 which will show me the Public and Private userdata folders and two levels of their descendant folders:

I can easily find the folders taking the most space by exporting the table to Excel and sorting the SIZE_IN_KB column: