Gotta Lotta RFC Destinations

As LiveCompare is deployed throughout the SAP estate, you can find yourself having to manage a lot of RFC destinations. For example:

Yes, the list scrolls on and on.

In any SAP estate, systems will be grouped into landscapes. It would be nice if you could similar group the LiveCompare RFC destinations.

Well, now you can:

LiveCompare 3.1 introduces "RFC destination folders" that you can use to group RFC destinations. I've defined 10 landscapes each with 15 RFC destinations – so the same number as in the first example. It is certainly easier to manage groups of 15 RFC destinations than a huge list of all 150.

And since you can have folders inside of folders you might prefer to organize the estate like this:

The RFC Destination property editor has been upgraded to display the hierarchy:


LiveCompare 3.1 makes it easier to manage large numbers of RFC destinations by introducing the RFC Destination Folder. You can have as many levels of folder as you like so you can group RFC destinations in any way that you like.