Data Store Table Lookup

This story may be familiar. You're building The World's Greatest Workflow. You drop a Read Data Store action on the workflow and connect it to your favourite Data Store using the editor:

Now you need to choose the table to read. What was it called again? I can never remember so I have to:

  1. Save the workflow
  2. Open the Data Store in the hierarchy:

  1. Now that I have the table name I go back the workflow, find and select the Read Data Store action and then edit the Table parameter.


This is one of those rough edges that I like to see smoothed off with each release of LiveCompare. And it fits into the whole "Complex Made Simple" LiveCompare 3.1 theme.

In LiveCompare 3.1 when I edit the Table parameter the editor has a little drop-down list of all the Data Store's tables:

That's much simpler.