Create Excel Reports with LiveCompare

LiveCompare includes the Create Excel Report action that turns LiveCompare table datasets into Excel sheets. The action takes any number of input table datasets, a sample Excel spreadsheet and a map that controls which dataset goes into which sheet. For example:

At a recent user group event a customer asked me about sending in a table set and having the sheets created automatically based on the name of each table. Seemed like a good idea to me. In LiveCompare 3.1 you can send a table set through the Create Excel Report action.

Here's the workflow:

The table set looks like:

The output spreadsheet looks like:

I've highlighted the two sheets created to the tables in the table set.


This might not be a big-ticket item like instant impact analysis, but it's a rough edge smoothed off in response to customer feedback. I like these change just as much.

One question remains: how do you upload a sample Excel spreadsheet (or any of the report templates come to think of it) to a LiveCompare server to which you have no direct or remote desktop access? I'll save that for another post…