What's New in LiveModel 2.2?

What's New in LiveModel 2.2?

LiveModel 2.2 is nearly ready for general release.  Many new features are included in 2.2.  In this post I'll cover some of the most visible changes.


LiveModel 2.2 supports:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2003 Server
  • Windows Vista (Business Edition or Better)
  • Windows 2008 Server

For the database we support:

  • SQL Server 2000
  • SQL Server 2005
  • SQL Server 2008

With Windows 7 just around the corner we've used the latest release candidate to verify that LiveModel runs on Windows 7 in both client and server configurations.  However, until Windows 7 is made generally available, official support for it will have to wait.

User Experience

We've added a page change/browser close confirmation dialog that looks like:

The prompt to save an unchanged diagram has been simplified.  You'll now see:

The choices follow those that you get with desktop application such as Word and Excel.  Yes, saves the diagram and continues your action.  No just continues your action and Cancel aborts the action leaving you in the diagram.

You can now get a report of the model changes made when saving a diagram:

The report is activated for all users via a administration configuration setting.

Modeling Tools

The 'Object Management Workbench' (OMW) is a modeling tool that can be used from inside a diagram to set the properties and relations of objects:

The OMW tool is a combines the details property editor (standard + custom) and the Object Linking Wizard.  I find it most useful when working in a 'BDL Cross-functional Flow' diagram.  This diagram combines Roles, Tasks and Applications into single view.  I can use the OMW to, for example, assign applications to tasks during a review workshop.  The OMW makes this simpler and faster.  Without it I'd have to exit the diagram (saving changes) and either open the Object Linking Wizard or use the drag/relate feature of the ModelExplorer to relate the task with the application. 

Text orientation can now be controlled via the meta model:

Page footers can be defined in the meta model and are drawn (along with the page header) in the print preview:

Print preview adds a 'Fit to Page' option that automatically scales the dagram to ... er ... fit on a single page:

The screenshot shows another feature of LiveModel 2.2 - extended header.  You can configure LiveCompare to show upto four levels of the hierarchy as part of the diagram header.