Using LDAP Data in Your LiveCompare Analyses

We’ve released an updated LiveCompare/LDAP WGI that follows the pattern laid down by the SharePoint and original WGI-based ALM integration (since replaced with built-in workflow actions).

The update includes two WGIs:

  • LDAPResMgr
  • LDAPSearch

LDAPResMgr is responsible for managing LDAP connections. A connection is essentially the combination of a username and password that’s associated with a symbolic name.

LDAPSearch is the tried and test LDAP search WGI but it no longer takes a username and password as input. Instead it has a single Name parameter which should be set to the symbolic name of a connection you added with LDAPResMgr.

Users of LDAPSearch don’t have to know anything about the account that’s used to authenticate with the LDAP server. And if anonymous access is permitted they can simply leave Name blank.

There are sample worklows that show:

  • Add – add a new connection
  • Delete – delete a connection
  • List – list all connections
  • Search – search LDAP authority

To install, download the ZIP to your LiveCompare server and unpack it to some easy to find folder. Now copy all but the "samples" folder to <INSTALL>\web\binn\wgi. If you’ve never installed a WGI you’ll need to create the folder first. The “samples” folder contains the workflow samples. You can add them to LiveCompare by opening each file in NOTEPAD, copying the contents to the clipboard, creating a new workflow in LiveCompare and using the Paste Workflow from Clipboard designer shortcut menu command.

This is considered preview software that we are supporting. The plan is to include it the next LiveCompare-WGI package (version 1.8).