LiveCompare 3.8: Securing an RFC Destination with SNC

We added support for SNC way back in LiveCompare 3.2.1 (2015). Back then we implemented it as a distinct connection type giving users the choice of three types:

  • Custom Application Server
  • Group/Server Selection
  • Secure Network Communication Server

The upshot of this was that you couldn’t secure a group/server connection with SNC. And it turns out that SNC is not a connection type. It’s a characteristic of any connection.

For LiveCompare 3.8 we’ve removed the distinct SNC type and added the SNC parameters to both:

  • Custom Application Server
  • Group/Server Selection

Here’s an example of me creating a new SNC custom application server connection:

In addition to making SNC available on both types of connection, LiveCompare now works with external ID connections. This means you can continue to use an account (Username/Password) to authenticate with the SAP server and then use the exchanged keys to encrypt all the traffic. We continue to support using an X.509 certificate (which requires a mapping on the SAP server).

Upgrading to LiveCompare 3.8 will convert all “sncserver” connection types to appserver connections and add all the SNC parameters.


LiveCompare 3.8 increases the options to use SNC to secure communications between LiveCompare and SAP systems.