LiveCompare 3.8: Fixing a Broken App

Sometimes an app will fail. Maybe the SQL written to process the data can’t handle a new case. Maybe an RFC Destination that was assumed to be 100% up is down. Whatever the case, whenever an app fails, LiveCompare preserves the state of the app in a workspace so that a studio user can go in, investigate the problem and resolve it.

Once resolved the consumer can re-run the app.

But what if the studio user could simply continue the workflow and have the result delivered to the consumer as part of their apps experience?

Well, in LiveCompare 3.7 this wasn't possible. The studio user would have to send the report link, probably via email.

In LiveCompare 3.8, this is exactly what happens. No more mucking about emailing report links.

I’ve crafted a special app that has a bad SQL statement. I’ve called it Broken. I’ve logged in as “c” – a consumer – and started the app.

As expected it fails:

I login as “cjt” – a studio user – and open the app’s workspace and access the failed workflow. LiveCompare pinpoints the action which failed and includes the complete error message:

Examining the SQL statement I can see that I’ve spelt “SELECT” wrong:

I fix the typo and choose “Continue” from the workflow shortcut menu:

The workflow completes successfully:

Back as “c” I refresh the app page and the result link appears:

Which takes me to my marvellous dashboard:


Sometimes apps fail. LiveCompare 3.8 simplifies the fix process by automatically connecting the app result with the last consumer to run the app.