LiveCompare 3.8: BW 7.5 Object Types

LiveCompare 3.8 introduces support for several new BW 7.5 object types:

  • Composite Provider
  • Open ODS View
  • Hybrid Provider
  • DataStore Object (advanced)

Support includes:

  • Smart impact analysis
  • Side-by-side comparison
  • Quick Compare
  • Discover of objects in transports

Newer BW types are maintained using the Eclipse software with added plugins. RSA1 provides only a restricted view of the newer types.

Composite Provider

A Composite Provider is a special kind of Info Provider and includes various settings grouped under:

  • General
  • Scenario
  • Output

I used the standard Compare Objects workflow having supplied a set of wildcard object search parameters. The Z_HCPR_1 object looks like:

As with all BW types, LiveCompare displays each tab of information in a separate branch of the hierarchy.

The Scenario tab presents a complete view of the structure and mappings of the composite provider:

In LiveCompare, the joins are laid out in the hierarchy and the map is shown in tabular form:

The Output tab contains a lot of data:

In LiveCompare each top-level View Field entry becomes a separate object in the hierarchy:

Open ODS View

The Open ODS View type includes settings grouped under:

  • General
  • Master Data
  • Texts (optional depending on object configuration)

In LiveCompare the General settings are displayed on the Open ODS View object:

Master Data looks like:

And is shown as a separate branch in the hierarchy:

Another branch is used for Texts if present.

Hybrid Provider

The Hybrid Provider type is not natively managed in Eclipse. The standard RSA1 tools are exposed via a plugin:

LiveCompare reflects the same hierarchy:

DataStore Object (advanced)

The DataStore Object (advanced) type includes settings grouped under:

  • General
  • Details
  • Settings

In LiveCompare each group becomes a branch in the hierarchy:


In LiveCompare:


In LiveCompare, each section is its own object in the hierarchy. Here’s Partitions:

And the 010 index:


LiveCompare 3.8 expands support for BW systems with four new BW 7.5 object types. Support extends to smart impact analysis, side-by-side comparison, discovering objects in transports and Quick Compare.