LiveCompare 3.8: ALM/Create Test Plan Hierarchy

LiveCompare 3.8 continues our long journey of integration with Micro Focus ALM that started all the way back with LiveModel and Mercury TestDirector. We’ve added a new action to support the general construction of test plan hierarchies. Customers asked for this so that they can easily replicate their requirements hierarchy in the subject tree.

The new action is called Create Test Plan Hierarchy. It has a straight-forward interface:

The action accepts:




An ALM project connection. These are defined in the Administration hierarchy.


Output (see below).


Table containing the subject tree paths to create and an optional description for each folder.

Here’s what the sample workflow Source contains:

See that you don’t have to include the Subject\ prefix, the action will take care of adding this if it is missing.

Result looks like:

Apart from show the full path to the test plan, it includes the action status:

  • Created
  • Already exists