LiveCompare 3.7: Fix My Code

LiveCompare’s SAP HANA upgrade analysis supports five critical areas of analysis:

  • Development
  • Testing
  • Integration
  • Security
  • Training

The Upgrade Assessor app considers many facets of development including what custom code break when run on SAP HANA. In LiveCompare 3.7 we’ve added further rules but in this post I want to cover a new capability we call Fix My Code. The idea is simple: if we can find the code that’ll break why not fix it for you.

We looked data from a number of analyses to help us prioritise which rules we should automate. Here’s a breakdown of the failing code by object type. Having to fix up all of these breakages will consume a lot of development effort.

Looking at it by rule:

we can see clearly that the “Obsolete Variant Declaration (LIKE)” generates the majority of the failures. Put another way:

More than 80% of the failing code can be attributed to one rule.

This is the rule we’ve automated in this first release of Fix My Code.

Any system that fixes broken code must fix only broken code. It’s not good blindly applying a transformation that fixes some code and breaks other code. The obsolete variable declaration (LIKE) is a case in point. Not all uses of LIKE are broken on SAP HANA. LiveCompare’s Fix My Code system can be defined as:

You can configure the Fix My Code app to run in a many different ways:

LiveCompare transforms each identified object and produces a side-by-side comparison report. Here’s an example for one of our fix my code test case programs. Note: not all the LIKEs have been fixed, only the ones that must be fixed:


LiveCompare 3.7 adds many new capabilities to its Analyze ABAP Quality system including a new set of Run and Optimize Rules. For SAP HANA upgrades, the new Fix My Code app has been shown to reduce development scope by more than 80%.