• 12 Sep 2017

    LiveCompare Gets a Compare Objects App

    The soon-to-be-released LiveCompare 3.7R2 includes a new app for comparing objects. Comparing objects has been at the heart of LiveCompare since it was first released all the way back in 2001. Back then, LiveCompare’s neat trick was to take a transaction and explode its implementation and then compare all the objects between two systems to determine what was the same, different and unique to each system. Fast forward...
    • 11 Sep 2017

    Click to Give Documentation Feedback

    A little known feature of our online help system is the feedback button. Let me show how it works. I’ve opened a help topic in LiveCompare: To provide feedback on this topic I click on the highlighted button. A new email is opened: The subject includes the topic title so we can easily find it in the help system. The email goes directly to Howard, who’s responsible for all our product documentation...
    • 8 Sep 2017

    LiveCompare/Microsoft VSTS: Searching a Specific Project Team for Tests

    I wrote recently about LiveCompare's integration with Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services . The customer that started us down this path asked for an improvement to limit the search to a specific project team. Here's my VSTS home page: The AcmeInc project will be used by several teams so I’ve added (to start with) a “PD” team. Note : all VSTS projects have at least one team – even...
    • 6 Sep 2017

    Simpler, Better LiveCompare Configuration

    This is how the configuration page looks in 3.7 and earlier versions: I’ve zoomed out as far as the browser will let me and I still can’t see all the settings. We’ve improved this feature in 3.7R2 by: Settings are grouped into sub-objects representing each category: Logging Security Email General Reports Table Contents RFC Calls Report Branding Each configuration object...
    • 29 Aug 2017

    Smart Impact Analysis: Improving What’s Testable

    LiveCompare’s smart impact analysis system is designed to reduce what’s used to the most-at-risk objects to test in response to application change. Evidence from customer benchmarks shows that using LiveCompare cuts test scope by at least 85%. Determining what to test is part (albeit a very important part) of the solution. Before we can start testing we need to discover if each most-at-risk object is: ...
    • 29 Aug 2017

    Adding a Dashboard to “Check RFC Destinations”

    LiveCompare includes a workflow template that is used to check the status of RFC Destinations and return various other data. The output is a simple table dataset: A customer wanted to add a dashboard to the workflow to highlight the status of each RFC Destination. I started by turning the dataset into an HTML report: Using these workflow components: I used Execute SQL to reduce the Final Result to a status...
    • 11 Aug 2017

    LiveCompare 3.8 Logon Page

    Suggestion for the LiveCompare 3.8 logon page:
    • 25 Jul 2017

    Inside LiveCompare 3.7

    Howard has fully revised the Inside LiveCompare guide for LiveCompare 3.7. Full details here .
    • 25 Jul 2017

    LiveCompare/Visual Studio Team Services Test Manager Integration

    A customer recently asked about integrating LiveCompare with Microsoft’s Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) Test Manager. They wanted to use the output of Impact – LiveCompare’s unique smart impact analysis app – to discover what tests (captured in Test Manager) could be used to verify the most-at-risk objects. LiveCompare has long integrated with HPE ALM and we recently added support for Worksoft...
    • 23 Jul 2017

    LiveCompare 3.7 Released

    LiveCompare 3.7 is now generally available. This release includes many improvements . Some of my favourites: Fix My Code – a new app that fixes 80% of your ABAP code as you upgrade to SAP HANA Code Watch – a new app to manage custom code technical debt Smarter impact analysis –prioritise testing of most-at-risk objects Custom dashboards powered by LiveCompare Eliminate half-life problem of...
    • 20 Jul 2017

    LiveCompare 3.7 with LiveCompare 3.6 ABAP Components

    We know that synchronizing the upgrade of the LiveCompare server and ABAP components can be challenging for customers with large SAP estates. To that end LiveCompare 3.7 is compatible with LiveCompare 3.6 ABAP components with the following exceptions: Used S_TABU_NAM authorization to provide better table access security. The /ICORP/RFC_GET_SOURCE_EXPANDED doesn't process CLAS object types. Support for comparison...
    • 20 Jul 2017

    What's New in LiveCompare 3.7

    What’s New in this Release Version 3.7 LiveCompare 3.7 includes the following new features: Apps The Code Sleuth App has been renamed as Code Guard . The Code Watch App performs a custom code analysis based on transports, ChaRM change requests, named objects, development classes or developers. The App reports on rule violations in the ‘Run and Optimize’ quality scenario . The Compare IMG...
    • 11 Jul 2017

    LiveCompare 3.7: Fix My Code

    LiveCompare’s SAP HANA upgrade analysis supports five critical areas of analysis: Development Testing Integration Security Training The Upgrade Assessor app considers many facets of development including what custom code break when run on SAP HANA. In LiveCompare 3.7 we’ve added further rules but in this post I want to cover a new capability we call Fix My Code. The idea is simple: if we can...
    • 10 Jul 2017

    LiveCompare 3.7: External Data Source REST API

    In this post I introduced the idea of a REST API for LiveCompare external data sources (XDS). The implementation is complete. Let’s work through an example. Our goal is to create a dashboard like this: I start by creating the XDS: Note the new “Public or private” switch. To expose the XDS via a REST API you mark it public. The XDS details page shows the API links: I test the content link...
    • 6 Jul 2017

    LiveCompare 3.6.1 Featuring AWS/S3 Integration

    In this post I described a prototype LiveCompare/AWS S3 integration. Feedback has been positive so we’re launching a feature release of LiveCompare 3.6 that includes the AWS/S3 integration. The first visible difference between 3.6.1 and the prototype is the inclusion of S3 Buckets in the Administration hierarchy: I can define an S3 Bucket: The Name is the bucket’s symbolic name – how it will...
    • 19 Jun 2017

    LiveCompare 3.7: Dates in Apps

    LiveCompare apps use widgets to simplify entering data. For example, an app might require a date in a specific format (e.g. 20170618). Rather than present a free-form text field, which has no validation, the app can use a date widget. Here’s how it looks in LiveCompare 3.6: The widget is shown inline and take up a lot of space. Here’s how it looks in 3.7: The window is the same size but now I can...
    • 7 Jun 2017

    How to Optionally Filter a Table Dataset

    Working on an app for LiveCompare 3.7 gave me this challenge: how to optionally filter a dataset. Here’s the workflow: What should happen is that the Changing Objects should be filtered by the Filter Table dataset. I naïve approach would use a simple inner join. But what happens when the Filter Table is empty? After all this is an optional filter. Oops. The inner join means no rows get copied. My good...
    • 6 Jun 2017

    LiveCompare 3.6R3

    We've released LiveCompare 3.6R3. Full details here: https://ishare.intellicorp.com/cs/support/b/support/posts/livecompare-3-6r3 This is a recommended upgrade for all LiveCompare users.
    • 5 Jun 2017

    Colorful LiveCompare Workflow Status

    LiveCompare workflows can exists in many states. The table below (taken from the Workflow Editor help page) explains what each status icon means: Icon Description No unsaved changes. Unsaved changes. Scheduled. Can't edit. Scheduled. Schedule temporarily disabled. Can edit. Read-only. Most likely a template. Run completed successfully. Run failed. ...
    • 25 Apr 2017

    LiveCompare/AWS S3 Integration

    At a recent customer meeting I was asked about integrating LiveCompare with S3. Since LiveCompare doesn’t have an S3 integration, I set about prototyping one using the Workflow Gateway Interface (WGI). Here’s the sample workflow: The WGI is called “LC2S3.EXE” – I wasn’t feeling very imaginative when I came to naming it. The WGI accepts several parameters: NAME ...
    • 20 Apr 2017

    Dashboard Text Tile Border

    While a picture paints a thousand words, sometimes there’s just one word that you want to shout out loud. LiveCompare’s text tiles make this very easy to do: I’ve seen the text tiles used to reflect the results of object comparison: In other parts of LiveCompare’s UI we use a little bit of colour to emphasize the comparison status: While you can change the text tile background colour...
    • 18 Apr 2017

    Reset My LiveCompare Password

    The first hit when I googled for “ how much time do admins spend resetting passwords ” says that 45 days a year are spent resetting passwords for users in companies with 3,500 employees. Of course, that’s for all apps, not just LiveCompare! But if each app supported self-reset we’d at least spread the load. With LiveCompare 3.7 users can reset their own passwords. Here’s the new sign...
    • 11 Apr 2017

    Simpler LiveCompare Installation Guide

    Brief post today to highlight the efforts to simplify our documentation for the LiveCompare 3.7 release: The installation guide has been shrunk from 117 pages to (currently) 34. We may be able to shave a few more pages off as some configuration features are moved into the product. We cut: Optional installation components. We don't need to duplicate the Project R or Graphviz installation guides in our documentation...
    • 27 Mar 2017

    REST API for LiveCompare External Data Sources

    One of the things we’re looking at for LiveCompare 3.7 is the addition of a read-only REST API for external data sources (XDS). For several releases we’ve support a web services API that enables third-party software to integrate with LiveCompare workflows. The web services API lets application developers run LiveCompare workflows, including setting input parameters and access results. The programming model...
    • 23 Mar 2017

    MS17-006: Security update for Internet Explorer (KB4012204) March 14, 2017

    The latest Microsoft update for Internet Explorer has caused issues with internet applications, including LiveCompare versions older than 3.6. Our technical support team recommends upgrading to LiveCompare 3.6 . A temporary measure may be to uninstall update KB4012204. I've also seen reports that uninstalling updates KB4012204 and KB4012215 were needed to resolve rendering/layout problems. Talk with your Windows administrator...