• 27 Mar 2017

    REST API for LiveCompare External Data Sources

    One of the things we’re looking at for LiveCompare 3.7 is the addition of a read-only REST API for external data sources (XDS). For several releases we’ve support a web services API that enables third-party software to integrate with LiveCompare workflows. The web services API lets application developers run LiveCompare workflows, including setting input parameters and access results. The programming model...
    • 23 Mar 2017

    MS17-006: Security update for Internet Explorer (KB4012204) March 14, 2017

    The latest Microsoft update for Internet Explorer has caused issues with internet applications, including LiveCompare versions older than 3.6. Our technical support team recommends upgrading to LiveCompare 3.6 . A temporary measure may be to uninstall update KB4012204. I've also seen reports that uninstalling updates KB4012204 and KB4012215 were needed to resolve rendering/layout problems. Talk with your Windows administrator...
    • 23 Mar 2017

    What's New in LiveCompare 3.6R2

    This post is based on the What's New section of the LiveCompare 3.6R2 release notes. What’s New in this Release Version 3.6 R2 LiveCompare 3.6 R2 includes the following new features: Impact App The Impact App works with all the available performance history data collection methods. The Target System has been renamed as the Comparison System. The order of the columns in the Objects table has been...
    • 22 Mar 2017

    LiveCompare 3.6R2: Smarter Impact App

    The Impact app was introduced in LiveCompare 3.6. Feedback from users has helped us improve it in LiveCompare 3.6R2 making the app it easier to use and its output easier to consume. We’ve improved: Target System is now called Comparison System Objects parameter column order New custom objects are now “most-at-risk” Improved results help Works with all methods of collecting Performance History...
    • 21 Mar 2017

    LiveCompare 3.6R2: Installation and Configuration

    Install LiveCompare requires a set of system components and configuration settings to function properly. A lot of the configuration work is done by LiveCompare but some things require an administrator. That’s why LiveCompare has the pre-install check that’s launched from the setup screen: If you try to Install Software before completing the pre-install check you’ll see this message: The pre...
    • 20 Mar 2017

    LiveCompare 3.6R2: Smarter Upgrade Assessor App

    The Upgrade Assessor app was new in LiveCompare 3.6. In 3.6R2 we’ve worked to improve the Security analysis: Focus on roles Filter out derived roles Filter out universal roles These changes give produce a simpler report that presents a clearer picture of the security work to be done in the upgrade project. One of our lab tests makes the differences clear: Eliminating profiles without roles, derived...
    • 17 Mar 2017

    LiveCompare 3.6R2: Support for SAP 4.6 Applications

    LiveCompare 3.6R2 reintroduces support for SAP 4.6. Here’s my 4.6c system RFC destination defined in LiveCompare: Baring a few limitations – we can’t compare a few very wide tables – the entirety of LiveCompare’s rich feature set is available to users with active SAP 4.6 systems including. Please check the release notes for the list of known limitations.
    • 16 Mar 2017

    LiveCompare 3.6R2: Smooth Off Rough Edges

    In this post I’ll covers some of the rough edges we’ve smoothed off in LiveCompare 3.6R2: Common sign-in error Test RFC Connection View Definition Property Editor LiveCompare Sign-in Have you ever signed into LiveCompare and seen this error: The good news is that LiveCompare 3.6R2 eliminates this annoying error. Test RFC Connection In LiveCompare 3.6 we improved the test connection feature...
    • 15 Mar 2017

    LiveCompare 3.6R2: Support Tools

    We are getting ready to release LiveCompare 3.6R2. This service includes new features, improvements to existing features and several bug fixes. This is the first in a series of posts covering the release. We analyze the data from our helpdesk to identify patterns that help us improve LiveCompare. In LiveCompare 3.6R2 we’ve worked a number of areas including: Always-on logging Log file rotation Export workflow...
    • 8 Mar 2017

    How to Take Screenshots and Attach Them to Helpdesk Tickets

    Screenshots can be extremely useful when diagnosing technical issues. A great way to capture screenshots is to use the built-in Windows “Snipping Tool”: You can take screenshots of the entire screen, a specific window or an area you drag out with the mouse. Let’s use this tool to capture some screenshots for a helpdesk ticket. The easiest way to start the tool is to click on the Windows Start...
    • 22 Feb 2017

    No Usage Data in Large Change Impact Analysis After Upgrade to LiveCompare 3.6

    I’ve seen a couple of customer reports about “no usage data in Large Change Impact Analysis (LCIA)” after upgrading to LiveCompare 3.6. The root cause is a change we made to the workflow to take advantage of new functionality that isolates workflows and apps from the source of usage data (aka performance history data). Historically the workflow builder had to know whether usage data came from: ...
    • 5 Feb 2017

    Re-organising LiveCompare Userdata For Faster Results

    Userdata is a critical part of LiveCompare. For several releases we’ve supported installing userdata outside of the product installation – a common installation style is to put the application files on one disk and userdata on another. There are many types of userdata including: Apps Cache Docs ExternalDataFiles IMG JavaFiles Logs Lux PerfHist Reports Temp Vault WSDL Workflow...
    • 18 Jan 2017

    Consuming a LiveCompare Web Service From Java and How to Read SAP Tables

    A recent helpdesk question prompted this post. A LiveCompare customer wanted to surface a workflow as a web service for consumption by a custom Java program. The workflow returns SAP table content data. To demonstrate all this I wrote a workflow, registered it as a web service and wrote a minimal Java client that formats the retrieved table contents as CSV so that I can easily load it into Excel. Here’s the result...
    • 10 Jan 2017

    Run LiveCompare from Third-party Scheduler

    LiveCompare integrates with the built-in Windows Task Scheduler. Some customers prefer to use a third-party scheduler that provides visibility and control of all scheduled jobs across their landscape. In this post I’ll cover how to configure LiveCompare to work with a third-party scheduler. To support this we provide a script that acts as a proxy for the workflow from the POV of the scheduler. Schematically it...
    • 30 Dec 2016

    2016 Review

    HP ALM Integration ( part1 , part2 , part3 ). Note: with the release of LiveCompare 3.6 we’ve moved the most commonly used functionality inside of LiveCompare giving you prebuilt actions. A stretch goal for LiveCompare 3.7 is to complete this work and add the LiveModel WGIs. LiveCompare 3.5 adds support for UI5/Fiori/BSPs . LiveCompare 3.5 adds support for shared workflows and templates. More improvement to...
    • 22 Dec 2016

    LiveCompare Secure FTP for Read Large SAP Table

    LiveCompare includes a specialised SAP table read action called: Read Large SAP Table . It’s used to read tables like BSEG and BSAD which hold hundreds of millions of records. LiveCompare users want access to the data to support audit-related analyses Why the specialised action? Doesn’t LiveCompare already have a Read SAP Table action? It’s a case of optimising for specific use cases. Read SAP Table...
    • 19 Dec 2016

    LiveCompare App Help

    LiveCompare 3.6 introduced a feature where YouTube videos can easily be linked to apps. For SAP TechEd I made a CSI-inspired app to show off this feature: A great suggestion from a user was to add the help links to the email LiveCompare sends when an app has completed and its report is available: Along the way we've added the help links to the confirmation page of the Register Workflow as App wizard: And...
    • 5 Dec 2016

    LiveCompare 3.6 Release Notes

    Release notes for LiveCompare 3.6: LiveCompare Release Notes Version 3.6, November 2016 Contents Read This Section First Technical Support Before Installing LiveCompare Backward Compatibility What’s New in This Release Known Issues Read This Section First These Release Notes contain the most recent information relating to the installation, configuration and operation of the LiveCompare...
    • 2 Dec 2016

    Inside LiveCompare 3.6

    The best guide to LiveCompare is now available for LiveCompare 3.6. See Howard Hunter 's post in the Support blog: https://ishare.intellicorp.com/cs/support/b/support/posts/inside-livecompare-3-6
    • 30 Nov 2016

    What's New in LiveCompare 3.6

    LiveCompare 3.6 is now officially GA. Upgrade notices go out this week. Here's the details of what's new (taken from the release notes): What’s New in this Release Version 3.6 LiveCompare 3.6 includes the following new features: Apps The Impact App analyzes the impact of change on your SAP system to find the most-at-risk objects. The change may be specified as a list of transports, one or more...
    • 19 Nov 2016

    LiveCompare X.509 Certificate Based Secure Network Communications Part 2

    In part one we used the SAP cryptography library tools to setup an X.509 certificate exchange between the LiveCompare server and SAP application server. In this post we’ll define an X.509 certificate based SNC RFC Destination. Configuration First we have a bit more configuration to do. Remember the SECUDIR environment variable that we defined in the shell? We have to make that a system-wide environment variable...
    • 19 Nov 2016

    LiveCompare X.509 Certificate Based Secure Network Communications Part 1

    This is the first of two posts covering the new LiveCompare 3.6 X.509 certificate based Secure Network Communications (SNC) functionality. This first post covers the setup. The second post will build on the setup and show how to configure an X.509 SNC RFC Destination in LiveCompare. This post assumes: The SAP Application Server is correctly configured for SNC. The x64 SAP Cryptography Library has been downloaded...
    • 14 Nov 2016

    Get Ready for LiveCompare 3.6

    Our clean machine testing highlights the need to make sure Windows is up-to-date before installing LiveCompare 3.6. Read more here: https://ishare.intellicorp.com/cs/support/b/support/posts/missing-api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0-dll-error-trying-to-configure-livecompare-3-6
    • 7 Nov 2016

    Chronograph's New Dashboard

    The Chronograph app sports a new dashboard in LiveCompare 3.6. Here's the before and after screenshots: The build-vs-maintain charts more clearly indicate the magnitude of each category.
    • 31 Oct 2016

    Watching Workflows in LiveCompare

    LiveCompare 3.6 introduces a “workflow idle redirect timeout” that automatically redirects the browser to a workflow’s process runs page after some period of inactivity (the default setting is 15 mins but the LiveCompare administrator may change it). The screen flow goes like this. I start a workflow: After 15 minutes, the browser redirects to the workflow’s process runs page and turns...